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Local Time Field

Our company, like many out there, have support staff around the world.  Our Orion server is located in the Eastern Time Zone so logs (like event, trap, alerts) report the time the item was received or acknowledged as Eastern Time.  To complicate even more we have some staff whose time zone observes Daylight Savings and others that do not.  As staff is reviewing, they have to do some translating to see when they log item/acknowledgement/etc occurred in relation to their local time zone.  Personally in Windows 7 I have a clock gadget set to Eastern Time so that helps me in the translation somewhat.

A suggestion I have to help with the translation would be to add a time zone and a DST field to the user account configuration parameters, rename the column that contains the "DATE TIME" to be something like "SERVER DATE TIME" and then add a new column which is called something like "USER LOCAL DATE TIME" having Orion calculate the local time on a per user basis.  I am not sure how easy this would be to implement within Orion but it would be of great benefit to our staff and I am sure to many other companies as well.

To take it one step further, if there were also variables in alert actions to be able to cause this translation to a particular users local time, that would put the icing on the cake.  However I am imagining this one would be much more difficult to accomplish.

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