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Infoblox DHCP integration for restricted access service account

We are seeking to integrate Infoblox DHCP with Solarwinds Orion IPAM using tailored access rights, i.e. no permissions for full network views but rather for a defined subset of created DHCP scopes. Currently this is not possible and the pre-configured API call of Solarwinds towards https://<infoblox-dhcp>/wapi/v2.5/networkview?_max_results=500&_return_as_object=1&_paging=1 yields an empty resultset. On the other hand, polling data with the API call https://<infoblox-dhcp>/wapi/v2.5/network?_max_results=500&_return_as_object=1&_paging=1 is working with the same access rights. However, there is no current way in Solarwinds to have that API call modified.

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