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Level 8

How to edit Thumbnail?

How can I edit the items listed in the Thumbnail when scrolling over a Node/Interface name?

For example, when scrolling over a Nodes name, it currently displays:

Polling Ip Address

Machine Type

Average Response Time

Packet Loss

Cpu Load

Memory Used

I would like to add another field to the thumbnail, for example, the 'City' field.

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Level 9, Do you mean how to edit node details? From my understanding thru your question, you can add custom properties to nodes/interfaces.

Add custom properties for nodes:

"This resource can be configured to provide a list of custom properties, with their values, as defined for the selected node. Clicking Edit Custom Property Values opens the Web Node Management Edit Properties view. Click Edit to change the resource Title and Subtitle and select from default and defined custom properties to display within the resource. By default, Orion NPM gives you the option to select City, Department, and Comments properties directly. If you want different custom properties, define them in the Custom Property Editor."

Quoted from Solarwinds Online Help.

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I figured out what I meant after researching for a few hours. 🙂

What I'm actually referring to here is/are Node Popups(not on the Map) and the ability to add Custom Properties.

Apparently, there are several feature requests for this, dating back to 2009; but Solarwinds still is not offering this feature. You can manually edit the html to display non-custom properties, but I've yet to figure out how to pull custom properties for the node popup(ex: City, Department, Comment, etc).

I wish they would add this already.

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