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Feature Request - Orion Maps - Allow connections to shapes, or connections with only one interface

I am attempting to rebuild all of our maps from Atlas into Orion maps. After this latest upgrade of NPM, it really added a lot of important features we needed to move forward with map creation. However, we ran into a problem with being unable to create a connection to a device that has no interfaces listed in NPM (although they actually do exist IRL). We have a few devices in our network that we poll that only show hardware health, but do not list the physical interfaces for monitoring. When I attempt to create a connection, I can fill out half of the link from the switch side, but not the other side, so I cannot create a connection at all.

We also would like to be able to create connections to shapes/object as place holders for nodes. We like to nest maps within maps, and in order to avoid two different maps from showing red because a single link or a node went down, we created unassigned objects in atlas, and created a connection using interfaces available in the node tree. This is now impossible in Orion maps.

Both of these features would be extremely useful. Thanks!


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