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FEATURE REQUEST - PerfStack: Bulk add multiple entities with the same metric

There are often times when I have multiple entities in a project and want to graph the same metric for them all. Right now the only method seems to be to click on the entity then drag the metric over for each one. This is very tedious and time consuming when you're working with more than a couple entities.

Another example is trying to graph utilization on multiple switch ports at once. There may be dozens of interfaces that I want to chart utilization for at once. This really isn't feasible (time-wise) right now.

I'd like to have some way of either filtering or shift/ctrl clicking multiple entities, then have a list of common metrics to those entities be available for adding in bulk to graph. Perhaps also an option when dragging the "group" of metrics over would then be to add them all to one chart or a separate chart for each.

This would make PerfStack much more useful for me and my team as right now there is no easy way to do these things really at all in Orion without creating reports or very custom views. When there is an issue occurring these kinds of features would add a lot of value to the product.

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