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FEATURE REQUEST - Non-Admin use of MRC v11 / Case # 511275

I would like to request help/walk-through/guide to having non-admins use DameWare Mini Remote Control v11 without having someone on the remote end that needs to accept the incoming connection request. The non-admin users may granted Remote Desktop User rights but may not have local admin rights permanently. We have many Processor Engineers, amongst other areas and users, that require a way to remote into systems but cannot use RDP. Due to audit reasons we cannot add them as administrators.

I know this is labeled as a feature request and that is only because that is what the Dameware support tech suggested I do last year.

I have already add the user/s to the Remote Desktop Users group on the remote PC's I am using to test.

The case I sited in the Discussion Title is closed but was opened end of August in 2013. At that time we had been using version 8 and we went a different route but it has come up again and I need to find a solution. Below you will find what I was asked to try by Solarwinds to get this working.

Try this settings for Non- Admin. But this requires permission of the remote machine.

- On the DMRC Remote Connect window Click on the Settings
- Under Properties, look for Install Options Tab
- Click on Configure button
- There you will see the Additional Settings Tab
- It will need to tick on Permission required then Ok

I made these changes well logged in as a administrator. I then went to my non-admin account for testing and I receive the following error:

"The remote machine reported the following error:

The remote system is currently at the Logon Desktop.

Your credentials do not allow for access at the current desktop state."

Next I gave my non-admin account admin rights to check if the settings actual transfer between accounts; they do not. I changed them and tried again (after removing the local admin rights) but still received the error message. So next I changed the following settings under my non-admin account with local admin rights.

Under Additional Settings tab:

    • checked Permission Required
    • unchecked On Disconnect Logoff

Under Access tab

    • unchecked All three boxes at the bottom

I logged off, removed the local admin rights, tried again; but still receive that same error message. If I am logged in to the remote PC as the user I do not receive the error message. Someone on the remote end still needs to accept the incoming connection request though.

So basically what I have going on is it only works if the user is logged in and the PC is not in a locked state. But not just that; someone on the remote end also has to accept the incoming connection request. I need to be able to have a non-admin account remote into the PC without requiring someone on the remote end. That user may be granted Remote Desktop User rights but may not be granted local admin rights.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

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