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FEATURE REQUEST - Interface Bandwidth / % Utilization in Graphs abouve NPM 10.5.0

Dear Solarwinds Team,

We were using the NPM version 10.2.2 till March 2014 and upgraded to ver 10.5.0.

After upgrading the application we are facing some challange in NPM regarding the bandwidth of interface, Flashing of nodes in sub-node is down, etc.

We have opened a case with Solarwinds for this and case # is 611962 - Interface Bandwidth Utilization

The more specific details are as follows :-

1) Unlike in version 10.2.2 we are unable to see the bandwidthdetails of any interface we are moniotoring , on earlier version bandwidth is displayed on interface header itself , which help alot while getting utilization graphs

2) We are having problems while copying the same, inearlier version just right click the image and save the file in jpeg format but in new version save as image on any graph is not available, a very easy way to copy graphs

3) May we have a new feature in NPM like few selected node's utilization graphs / CPU utilization , etc of last day is autmatically mailed or save in some location. much easier way for automised utilization reports which will help us to get the reports directly in mails or saved as jpeg. manual work will be eliminated

4) Is there any way to clear or stop " Hardware " related all events in event manager , just nodes up and down  and reboot will be good.A facility to select events that needs to be flashed in event manager

I am attaching the old graph and the new graph for comparison and i believe old grpahs are more informative an simple than newer ones. The case created to address this issues is 611962

Awaiting positive replies from my fellow IT Technicians


Kotak NOC Operations

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