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FEATURE REQUEST - Custom Application Discovery Framework

In MS SCOM, we write discovery scripts. These run on all system and tell SCOM what application to monitor. Its magic and takes away 95% of manual work that we need to do in NPM/SAM because the is capability is not there and we must manually assign applications to groups or nodes. It would be amazing to have this capability in Solarwinds e.g.:

  1. User writes custom application template
  2. User writes discovery criteria that tells Solarwinds that an agent/node etc. has that application. This could be a set of files, file versions, registry entries or a custom script.
  3. Solarwinds automatically applies template to machines where application is discovered. 

This would be a game changer for admins of large estates. 

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It already has the functionality to query a node for contents of a custom application monitor and you can set sensitivity so for example you can have a template with 10 components but if it has 80% of these then it should be added - this is possible. For some reason though you need to first select 'all' in the dropdown before you see the custom monitors:





Hi, thanks for the reply. This requires automatic steps though. I have over 1000 nodes and no time for something which in my opinion should be automatic. 

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