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FEATURE REQUEST - Case #668097 - "Hardware is not showing correctly in Orion RAM consumption."

Good night,

I hereby request the response of the development team regarding the feature request that pedal with case # 646322

The last thing they sent was that had passed to the development team.

We can help find out what happened.


I have submitted this feature request to our development team to change how the Memory Utilization is gathered of Linux Machines. They will consider the request, and decide whether it will be implemented.

You may also post your request to the Thwack forum for the SolarWinds product you wish to see improved. Thwack Feature Request forums are here: Create a post titled “FEATURE REQUEST - Name of the Feature Request” and detail your request including case number. These forums are monitored by our Product Managers. This will allow other customers to voice their opinions as to whether they would find the feature useful.

Update for Case #646322 - "Hardware is not showing correctly in Orion RAM consumption."


Thank you for contacting SolarWinds Technical Support. My name is Shawn and I will be working on this case with you.

With *Nix OS'es, SolarWinds includes both Buffer and Cache memory as part of 'Total Available' Memory rather than just using the Available Memory value.

The calculation for Percent Total Available Memory would be: (Available Memory + Buffer Memory + Cache Memory)/(Total Memory)
These values are gathered from the following OIDs: => memTotalReal (Total Memory) => memAvailReal (Available Memory) => memBuffer (Buffer Memory) => memCache (Cache Memory)

The following Thwack Article explains in more details how SolarWinds calculates Available Memory on Linux machines:

If you would rather see the memory utilization of your *Nix Servers as Available/Total (and exclude Buffer and Cache as 'available' memory), I can submit a Feature Request to the Developers to see if this calculation can be changed.

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