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FEATURE REQUEST - Business Hours (time window) filtering on reports

Capacity planning reports (95th percentile) are not nearly as useful if we are reporting over an entire 24 hour period, during times when circuits are either largely unused, or being used for activities like backups. We would like to see the ability to filter utilization-based reports by time ranges (7 AM - 6 PM). We should be able to apply those time ranges to reports in an include/exclude manner.

Furthermore, in order to make this more useful for customers with locations in multiple time zones, the feature should include the ability to tag devices or groups with a GMT offset, so that the "business hours" time windows are applied properly for the local time of those devices. In other words, running a "business hours 95th percentile report" for devices in North America and Asia should (if offsets are configured properly) automatically adjust to reflect the correct time range in both regions.

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I've built all this kind of stuff using custom properties and sql tables, but it would be nice if it was built in.
- Marc Netterfield, Github