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Level 7

FEATURE REQUEST - Average Packet Size Graphing

Case #690964

On an interface of a network device, for example ge-0/0/5 under the interface details there is value called "Average Packet Size". It would be a great feature for us if this value would be a graph able value.

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Level 15

Problem being investigated:

Jumbo frames being sent to a destination with MTU of 1500 set on an interface causing IP Fragmentation being done by the router CPU.
CPU load increases and degrades the router.

I'm polling the custom OID - ipFragCreates and can see when this occurs.

I'm trying to find out which interface the traffic is coming in on using the Average Input Packet Size on any interface with an MTU of 1500 bytes.

Orion NPM Problem:

I've created a Report Writer top 25 report showing average input packet size on interfaces with MTU of 1500.

The report shows interfaces with input packet sizes of 32,000 bytes, even though input bytes is 0 on some.


How does NPM get this number?

Is it a polled OID, if so what is the OID.

Or is it a calculated value based on other polled data?
If so, how is this calculated?

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@Network_guru Would you be able to share this report?  I've been looking for something like this for a bit.


John L.

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Level 16

Hi zthiel,

If you want to suggest a feature, you should create it as an idea in the Feature Request space, so that people can vote it up.

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