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FEATURE REQUEST - Auto-Detect Disks Added/Removed to systems.

I have been using NPM/SAM for 8 years now and the single biggest annoyance to our team is that the product doe snot pick up new disks as they are added to our systems (particularly VMs). I can't understand why this is the case in a modern monitoring product. It seems like basic functionality. 

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I run a nightly network discovery for new volumes which works flawlessly to add disks however it doesn't remove disks that have been replaced. In the case of some of our VM's certain drives get dropped and new ones added on the fly so the serial changes but the drive letters remain the same so I end up with multiple D drives etc. I run a weekly report to detect these duplicates and manually delete them.

Can you share the config/queries.
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the discovery or the report?

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I have a number of discoveries I run on overnight schedules. In my case I target specific OU's as I also look for newly added production devices each night but don't care about POC, Dev etc:


Then set volumes to be picked up:


Then set a schedule - In my case daily but there is no reason why you couldn't do it more frequently although it might cause a bit of overhead if you do it too frequently.


If you also want the duplicate drive report let me know.


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I wish I could click the Kudos button five thousand more times on this one.

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I really cannot understand why this is not in the product. At least for windows machines. Like in SCOM a discovery script runs on a schedule to find disks, reports back the Serials and adds the delta. Walk away and done.