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FEATURE REQUEST - Allow Edit Button to always show on all Widgets

There are Widgets that perform the exact same function such as "Top 10 Devices with High CPU" and it's counter part "Top XX Devices with High CPU".  The "Top XX" will show Edit and allow you to edit however it's counter part that is 'hard coded' to 10 the 'Edit' button disappears after the Widget information loads.  However if you refresh your browser tab/page the Edit button appears again on the Widget until the Widget again loads it's content.  As the edit button still allows you to edit and filter the widget the same as "Top XX..." widget does why not leave the edit button on all Widgets and allow the end user experience to be seamless for editing across all since it does in deed work...but only when refreshing the browser tab and quickly clicking 'edit'.

Anyone else agree all widgets should just have 'edit' on them if they can be edited anyway?

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