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Level 9

FEATURE REQUEST - Ablility to measure running copies of processes

It would help our company a great deal to be able to measure the number of running copies of a certain process running on a server.  I would like to be able to view the processes currently running and manipulate the data representation.  We would like to see charts and graphs associated with time.   With this data, we can better monitor performance and be able to track what processes are running at different times.



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Level 9

This would be very beneficial to multiple groups in my company

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Level 17

This sounds like a great feature I think a lot of people would like to see.  You may want to recreate this as a feature request to allow others to vote on it.


Matthew Harvey

Thank you for the feedback Matthew!  I have created the idea and is ready to be voted on:

I appreciate the support with this feature request!

Best regards,

Michael Ferrucci

Level 9

This is something we are interested in also. I would like to monitor the number of copies running and trigger an alert when they reached a threshold.