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EnergyWise - Available versus Remaining versus Configured

Recently we connected a new PoE-capable time clock to one of our closet switches, and because we've learned to take advantage of electricity, I failed to verify the switch had enough juice for the clock. And the fact is, it didn't have enough. So, I started thinking about other switches that may be close to capacity, and realized some of the NPM EnergyWise components could be enhanced.

  1. Device Power Consumption resource - tells a great story of how much power the device is using, but the real story is:
    • How much is the device using versus how much are the connected devices using

Is there a way to build a table that looks similar to the output of "show power inline"?

Available:370.0(w)  Used:332.3(w)  Remaining:37.7(w)

Interface     Admin     Oper     Power       Device               Class     Max


------------     ---------     --------     -----------     -------------------     --------     ----

Fa0/1        auto        off          0.0            n/a                    n/a       15.4

Fa0/2        auto        on         12.0           IP Phone 7945   3          15.4

Fa0/3        auto        off          0.0            n/a                    n/a       15.4

Fa0/4        auto        on          6.3            IP Phone 7941   2          15.4

Fa0/5        auto        on          12.0          IP Phone 7945   3          15.4

And also have the ability to alert on devices that are close to capacity (based on a threshold setting). Of course, creating reports is also something I'd like to be able to do with this data.

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