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Critical/warning SRM events triggering control not available

we recently deployed SRM in our environment and found that our dashboard is flooded with Critical and warning events for each category of storage arrays. 

we attempted to set the threshold based on dynamic baseline and the number of triggered alerts did not seem lower. the problem occurred because the SRM compares every second and  logs events as critical/warning. Since there are many storage the dashboard is always cluttered with very high number of these not useful info and overload my SolarWinds server and DB. 

There is no way to control the triggering of these events by placing a wait time nor the ability to turn off like the alerts settings.  Presented this case to SolarWinds support but they are unable to help us and recommended us to submit a feature request. 

So this post is to request the ability to control event triggering on SRM by including a wait time and/or ability to disable and see how the SolarWinds community cope this problem. 


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