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Changing Polling Engines of Agents

When changing the polling engine in Orion for an Agent Initiated communication Agent node, it doesn't actually change the server that the agent reports to. It leaves that agent pointed to whatever server it was installed with. This can be a problem when you start running into port exhaustion on a server and want to load balance those agents to other servers.  If you are using something like SCCM to do a mass push of agents it can be difficult to break up that push to various servers to make sure you don't overload them, so changing them after the fact may be a requirement.

It would be great that if you change the node in Orion to point to another polling engine that the next time the agent checks in that it looks to see what polling engine it should be pointed to and changes itself to point to that engine instead of sticking to the original installation polling engine. 

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I think there is something wrong with your installation because for me it changes the APE that the agent is using almost instantly.

This work for both server and agent initiated connections. 

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