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Allow Caption Sections within Perf Analysis Project Charts

When building a perf analysis project with many charts, such as multiple interfaces and all related sub-interfaces, it sometimes can be very confusing as to which interface is displayed on which chart, especially if the interface names/captions/aliases are very long and get cut off. 

Because of this, I feel it would be extremely helpful to be able to insert text titles or captions in between the charts. It wouldn't necessarily need to be even HTML like the custom HTML widget. Just plain ol' text so that a note or title can be inserted between the graphs.

This would also be beneficial when adding these to a scheduled report. Reports are not always viewed directly online. Many of our reports get emailed out to partners and customers who do not have access to our Orion platform. Therefore they cannot simply open the report to mouse over an item and discover which interface is shown on each graph. Again, in the PDF or other formats the interface names get truncated and can't always be viewed. I realize a workaround would be to save each interface chart as a separate project and use custom HTML modules within a report to add section headers, but doing it that way would result in hundreds and hundreds of perf analysis projects. If we could just add captions anywhere within a project it would make this so much more useful when adding to a scheduled report.

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