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Level 12

Adding MIBs to MIB.cfg

I am fairly new to this forum and to the SolarWinds products.  I have downloaded the most recent MIBs.cfg file and find it is missing a set of MIBs that I require in my environment.  Under enterprises.intersystems the file contains the MIBs for ISC-ENSEMBLE(2) but is missing the MIBs for ISC-CACHE(1).  How would one go about having this MIB package added into the cfg file?  I do have the ISC-CACHE.mib file that I could pass along if it can be added.



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Level 13

This brings up an issue that I believe needs to be resolved.  While sending a reply to the "Unknown Devices" topic works somewhat, the problem is we have no idea what is going into the MIBs.cfg file.  Is there a reason there is no CHANGES file associated with the mibs file that shows what was added.  I submitted multiple things that NEVER seem to make it into the file.  Mostly Machine Type changes.  Can't there be a better way to submit these updates, and monitor when they get added to the MIBs.cfg?

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Level 7

Hi Mike,

can you please share ISC-CACHE.mib?


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