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APM: Ability to Copy Component Monitors

I just upgraded to SAM 5.2 and like the new Application Monitor screen format.  I have been wanting to make this request for a while and now wish I had done it sooner so it could have been built into these changes.

Many times I have found the need to create more than one Component Monitor with nearly identical configuration within the same Application Monitor.  For example, I have a Component Monitor that reports statistics about AIX Volume Groups (VGs).  Our software implementation requires about 30 to 35 different Volume Groups.  I created a script which includes variables that make it easy for me to tell the script to get the first 10 VGs, second 10, etc from the list.  This actually could even just be arguments to the Perl script.

Currently I have to set the temporary directory location, thresholds, insert the script and adjust the variables mentioned above 4 times to generate the overall Application Monitor Template I am looking to achieve.  When assigning the Application Monitor to a particular node, I enable just the Component Monitors that will be needed for the number, in this case, of VGs on the node, change the arguments to fit other variable parameters between nodes and I have the node specific Application Monitor.

If there was a copy facility, I could create one Component Monitor with the appropriate configuration and then copy it 3 times just changing the variables in order to get the same thing.  This would make this process much quicker.

BTW:  This is not something I have done just once but I have also used the same strategy to list files in various directories, filesystems, disk drives, processes, etc.  I currently have 4 Application Monitors that just use the files in various directories use and foresee several more.  So the savings in this case actually will add up over time.



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Level 9

I'd like to see this as well, but it might make more sense to allow the creation of reuseable custom components or component templates.  I'd take either solution!

I have found that the ability to create copies of Component Monitors does exist within SAM 5.2.  If you are on the Manage Application Monitor Templates screen their is a link above the table on the right side of the screen that reads "Manage Component Monitors (within Templates)".  When you follow the link it provides the ability to list the Component Monitors by Template.  You can then copy a specific Component Monitor either to a different Application Monitor to to the same Application Monitor where it already exists.

What I don't like, and something I will be submitting an Enhancement Request for is that if the source Component Monitor is enabled, the target Component Monitor will also be enabled.  This means that it immediately becomes active in the environment.  I would rather see the copy disabled by default and that way I can control when it becomes active, for example after I adjust the script arguments.

I created a feature request for this if you'd like to vote on it: