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Product Manager
Product Manager

I have attached an updated version which includes a 4th tab to allow you decrypt the "Orion Service Monitor Service.exe.config" file which contains all the settings. Please try the following.

1. Make a copy of the "Orion Service Monitor Service.exe.config" file

2. Uninstall the current version

3. Install the new version Orion Service Monitor Installation 13-09-17

4. Restore the "Orion Service Monitor Service.exe.config" file to the install directory - (C:\Program Files (x86)\Orion Service Monitor)

5. Launch the "Orion Service Monitor Configuration" applictaion

6. Go to the "Configuration File Options" tab - the Decrypt button should be enabled, click this.

7. Open the "Orion Service Monitor Service.exe.config" file in notepad to view the settings.


Here is an example of the file which is created during install

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>



        <supportedRuntime version="v4.0" sku=".NETFramework,Version=v4.5.2"/>



    <add key="ORION_SERVER" value="" />

    <add key="ADMIN_USERNAME" value="" />

    <add key="ADMIN_PASSWORD" value="" />

    <add key="SMTP_SERVER" value="" />

    <add key="SMTP_SERVER_USERNAME" value="" />

    <add key="SMTP_SERVER_PASSWORD" value="" />

    <add key="SMTP_SERVER_AUTH" value="FALSE" />

    <add key="SMTP_SERVER_TLS" value="FALSE" />

    <add key="SMTP_SERVER_TO" value="" />

    <add key="SMTP_SERVER_FROM" value="" />

    <add key="SMTP_SERVER_PORT" value="25" />

    <add key="MONITORING_INTERVAL" value="" />

    <add key="WMI_VALID" value="No" />

    <add key="SERVICES" value="" />

    <add key="REPEAT_EMAIL" value="False" />



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Product Manager
Product Manager

Hi jukah.

I have resolved this issue in the latest build attached. The "Test Email" button was not delivering mail to the intended recipient. The alert notifications are being sent to the recipient specified in the config file. Can you verify the alert emails are being sent?



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This version is working very well.  Thank you so much!

tony.johnson​ is the source code available for this application?

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Not at the moment. Do you have some suggestions for improvement? Id be happy to take a look.

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tony.johnson​ the only immediate improvements would be the inclusion of all the Solarwinds services such as the Information Service. Ultimately, though, i'd like to integrate the WMI poling code into a web app we're working on here at work and was feeling lazy :-P.

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app is running! big thanks.

Is it possible to run a second instance for the separate sql server?

Is it possible to edit the subject from email?

wonderful, thanks !

Next release : add pollers/web servers ?

Has anyone seen any false alarms? We've been getting quite a few of them every day.

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Ill be working on an updated version in the next few weeks and will try to include all requests.

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