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Incorrect Details Reporting after Disk/Memory/CPU Upgrade - Windows and Linux

If you are experiencing incorrect data reporting in Solarwinds after upgrading your Disk, Memory, or CPU, you are not alone!

A case Study: An Infrastructure Monitoring Team encountered issues in getting the correct disk sizes after capacity upgrade.

Disk 100%.JPG

As you can see to the previous screenshot the /backup are at 100% and reporting a maximum partition size of 503.0 GB but per checking directly on the database server it shows:


A recent upgrade in the database server's file system was performed where the disk /backup was upgraded from 503.6 GB to 4.5 TB.

Solarwinds didn't notice the changes in disk capacity.

If you click the /backup you will be directed to this view:

Disk 206%.JPG

Percentage used is 206%. The reason why it happened is because the 'size' is not updated (it should be 4.5 TB).

If the current 'space used' increases and 'size' remains not updated, the 'percentage used' will no longer reliable.

Two days ago, the system administrator provisioned additional disks and mounted to the same server, Solarwinds didn't detect any changes in file system.

Solarwinds marked the deleted disk as down. (/backup was deleted in server.)


This is a known issue with using SNMP. SNMP cannot monitor Volume Changes, changing SNMP string requires enterprise-wide changes.

Other option is to re-enroll the nodes by removing the affected node ( Examples. /backup, 😧 Database Backup) to get its updated details.

Removing nodes is risky because it also delete the historical data of node.

This limitation was observed in  Windows and Linux servers in our current operation setup.

What you can do?

Mount Points Monitoring

If you would like to know how Solarwinds will monitor if server resources is added or removed to the server which is already in the monitoring, please refer below:

1. If any mount point is removed you can configure (volume down) alert for the same.

You will be notified with volume is down. Below must be triggered condition for volume down alert or you can make changes according to the requirement.Volume down.png

2. If server has a new resources or upgrades.

You need to list resource every time and add them under monitoring.

Hope this helps!


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