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HPE Aruba - Product Support


HPE / Aruba is big and we need Solarwinds to keep up with the market place.

In particular, HPE Aruba are on a big integration drive with lots of changes with advance features to the edge so we Solarwinds to support the customer like we support your software.

Can we get a comment from a Product Manager on this on plans to fully support this full product line once and for all.



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What products specifically are you not finding support for? One of our clients uses Aruba wireless and we are able to poll them.

Anything that I don't find (with any vendor) in "out of the box" configurations can be pulled via Universal Device Poller.

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Aruba customer as well here. With newer Aruba switch firmwares the ability to monitor hardware health has been lost. Unfortunately Universal Device Pollers don't integrate with the standard hardware health status, so if you decide to go that route you end up with undefined hardware health on nodes, and different alerting configurations for different device. This is not the ideal scenario. I would love to see Aruba support in the very near future. If that is not going to be possible, we will have to look at moving to another monitoring solution.

Aruba Gear has lot of devices and just from poll not everything would come up like how its native monitoring tool provides... going UnDP way is a tougher ask and requires lot of effort if trap based monitoring has to be opted for these devices...

So more insight from polling would really help...

I agree, SolarWinds is a great product but to really stand out development needs to include more HPE devices.

BUMP, There's no more hardware health support for devices with firmware revisions past W15!

Get some SNMP walks and please look into supporting HWH on newer firmware releases.

SolarWinds is a great product and I believe if the development team invest time to add more features to include Aruba/HP, that would make it standout even more

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We have a case where SNMP monitoring is not posible for HP Aruba due to security reasons, so is necesary to do it through the API (something like is done with the Meraki API).

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Bump! I need this BADLY! I have 20 switches (Which I know for most is a small deployment) That I'd love to get into NCM and be able to use all of the features easily like the rest of the product.

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BUMP!! I am now up to 40 Aruba JL074A 3810M all of which are at least a 2 stack.
There is no support for this switch other then very basic!

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