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Alert Suppression During Non-Business Hours

This might be a solution for long awaiting Query for those who don’t want alerts during non-business hrs.

Solar winds reads time as Text(Numbers), it starts from 00 < 01 < 02..<..09 < 1,10,11,1..<..2,21,22…etc…

Ex: 11:00 is greater than 10:00 but lesser than 9:00 but greater than 09:00 but all our servers will be Timed like 09:00.

If I want to monitor 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM…place that like greater 10:00 and less than 11:01 and contains PM.

For Example if I don’t want alert between 11 PM to 11AM for node down in particular locations.

  1. Create a Custom Property say 11 pm to 11 am
  2. Add all the required sites into the custom property(say sites in same time zone and business hrs)
  3. Use macros\insert variable in drop down and select Time in that with AND condition along node down.
  4. And do like in the screenshot below.