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Level 12

reddem points

I am from India. how can i redeem points. and how i will get any prize.

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Level 12

i am not able to qualify for prize  in India any body give me solution for this

Level 12

I have share some feedback on product of solar winds. now lets see what happened.

You must reside in the United States in order to qualify for the prizes.

Level 12

But how i can redeem points and received prize in India location. please explain.

For our current monthly mission, residents of India are, unfortunately, not eligible to win the prizes. But if you have some feedback to share on Solarwinds products, you can post a review here Spread the Word, by following the guidelines listed there and you'll get an Amazon Gift card. All international users can participate.

how i can earn more pionts

muwale‌, here's our points system: thwack Point System - Updated 5/10/2013. This should give you a general idea.

Level 16

Hi muwale‌,

Here's our onboarding mission which will help you get 500 points and learn a bit about our community.

You can learn more on how to get points from here: thwack Point System - Updated 5/10/2013.

Also, you can participate in our monthly missions, but for the time being, you need to be a resident of the countries mentioned in the terms & conditions. However, we are working on opening these campaigns and our store to international users as well.

Just keep an eye out on our community and enjoy your stay on thwack!

any news about opening  store for international.

Hi muwale‌,

This is work in progress, and since it's a legal matter, it can take some time. We will make sure to make an announcement once we will finalize it.

But how i can redeem points and received prize in India location. please explain.