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Community Manager
Community Manager

Would you sit down and chat with a SolarWinds developer? What questions would you have for them?

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I wrote about "trimming" out domain names in the Orion SDK forum:

"Shoot for the stars to reach the moon"
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Level 9

I marked "Maybe" because I have not been managing our Solar environment as much lately, and we have been making huge changes to our environment. 
Possibly once thing return to "normal" and actually have time to work in it again. 

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Mine isn't a tech question as such.

But rather, what does it take to move a feature request along the path to it becoming a delivered feature.
I ask this because from the outside looking in we can see some requests turn into reality but others seemingly languish.

Basically, can you show the progress of an FR from selection to development to release 😄



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As I am just getting started with my new position, and have not as yet been able to get into the SolarWinds instance to see what they have (and what they do not have), I said "Maybe" because at the moment, I have no input or questions.  However, in three to six month's time, I probably will.

Thank you to the entire SW team for your willingness to reach out to the end-users, and helping us make the most of this incredible platform!


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  • Why did we build a feature a certain way? - Only if its around DPA and its support for SAP HANA
  • How would we use a feature in our products? - SDWAN OID's for full feature support, VELO Cloud devices 
  • What do we look at when you send us diagnostics? - How does this reduce the MTR
  • What features do we use in our own products? - And are there other products you use
  • How do we interact with our IT ops people internally? - Eh.
Level 9

Historically (havn't seen a change in more recent ones but maybe the most current is different) monitoring a system with SAM has deployed a script that makes systems check for Windows Updates. I understand why this might be desired, but it causes us

  • A lot of antivirus pings by default
  • Wasted processing cycles and activity in out 'air-gapped' networks with no access to any update mechanism*
  • 'Servers' (desktop OS we use for services) that are internet connected gathering feature updates prior to when we desire as they are 'manually checking'*

Why isn't there an advanced option to toggle this off or more clarity on the fact it is a thing?

* Admittedly some of our issues are related to the fact we do not have a WSUS in place but our footprint that could leverage the WSUS is so small it hasn't been a high enough priority for management to invest in

Level 9

I would like to see PowerShell widgets in the dashboards or views?  

Efficient ways to troubleshoot and remediate issues with RabbitMQ and information service subscriptions. How to prevent these from corrupting or queuing up?

Level 10

What's the best resource to use when learning how to do APIs with Solarwinds Service Desk?  I have some items I want to automate but don't know where to start learning this from.

Level 9

Is there any chance of some form of mobile product for home network/server/pc monitoring. Use of Network Atlas and scaled down versions of NPM/SAM/IPAM/etc.  Successful projects like Pi-Hole make me think that there would be interest in other home network control and monitoring platforms. Even better would be to develop it for use a Pi.  

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Level 8

Can we expect in the future not to have the 10 outputs limitation when using custom scripts?

For which vendors does SW have API integrations on the horizon?

Level 8

Is it possible to integrate alerting functions into application monitors or do I need to create an alert specific to the application monitor?

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Why are so many ports required between servers when running a distributed system?

My firewalls are turning into swiss cheese and managing the rules is an administrative headache.

How do i query a Database with the SQL user experience monitor and return more than a short integer

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Level 9

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Polling Engines Queries:

  • Polling engines to Database are prone to performance related issues, specially when the Polling engine is not locally present in the same geography. The < 200 ms latency requirement is at times difficult to meet. It looks like there is a query SELECT * FROM [dbo].[ServiceDirectoryEntries] that keeps running and consumes a lot of time. Refer Case # 00588003. It possibly will help if we run the query with a condition where the entries are selected only that are relevant to that specific polling engine.
  • Polling Engine Time zones: There are times when we need to inform local teams & not central team (different timezones) of alerts. Since it is a best practice to have all Polling engines have the same timezone setting of the main poller, creating alerts for local teams with timestamps may be an issue.

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