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Will there be a Thwack Camp '14?

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Will there be a Thwack Camp '14?

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We're a little behind the ball on thwackCamp 2014, but I'll have some exciting news to share shortly.  Stand by, we think you'll really like

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We're a little behind the ball on thwackCamp 2014, but I'll have some exciting news to share shortly.  Stand by, we think you'll really like

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Patrick Hubbard, hopefully a LEGO object lesson will be part of the festivities,

Actually, let's open this up.  What topics would you like to see covered next? Did you like the format last time?  How could we improve it?  Did you like the scheduling?  Who were your favorite presenters and what were the most helpful topics?

I have alot of beginner users that never leave the dashboard.  If we had a class that centered on the basics of using Orion NPM, SAM etc I think that would be very helpful to the newbie.  They do not need instructions on setup, or admin stuff, just how to use the system efficently.

The idea of tips and tricks is terrific

We have announced thwackCamp 2014, a holiday thwacktacular events.  Check out the group: thwackCamp Holiday thwackTacular 2014.

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Another thought.  Maybe a section like a "Practical MisFortune" or "I Wished I Would Have Known That".  You could have people submit their mistakes on Setting up their Orion Environments that they would have done different or had to go back and change. 

Like we originally set up SAM and NPM as stand-alones rather than taking advantage of their being designed to work together.  Don't ask me why.

love this idea.

Clearly so we can mock the naive mistakes of our peers, all while downplaying our own.


This may have been covered, but I think a useful walkthrough (especially for those of us who came initially from a transport background) would be a topic we've been discussing on the forums - moving beyond availability, to reachability, and then application 'quality' or 'user experience'. By showing how you put network pipe measurements in place, add basic server/cluster health monitoring to the mix, and finally leverage other products to show real information about application quality, you can give a multi-hat-wearing Solarwinds admin the tools to demonstrate value and solve problems for the entire business. Just my 2c. tripped most of my buttons. Tips and Tricks is always a big help. For me, I'm trying to get management on board to purchase and implement LEM, so anything around LEM setup and especially monitoring with LEM would be good.

I would like to see a section on best practices (Tips and Tricks):

For Alert Rules  (For example using fewer more complicated rules versus using more less complicated rules)

For Application Templates

Switch Stack Monitoring

That sir is EXACTLY what we're up to.  Even more how-to, hang-outs and interactive sessions.  More to come..

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Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!

We are working on plans but I can't announce anything officially yet.  I'm in our Czech office this week but will be getting together with the teams next week to discuss.  I should have an update relatively soon.  Really glad to hear you're looking forward to it!

You get to travel all around don’t you? That must be fun when it doesn’t drive you nuts!

I think Leon Adato first official responsibility as a Head Geek should be Thwack '14

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I agree with Terry Auspitz, please say yes.  Always some good info in those, plus some cool stuff for those of us who like to attend.