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Which of the following best describes your work from home setup? Pictures encouraged!

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My house is eternally in the midst of a remodel, but I'm not shy about showing the chaos off.  Built that loft in our master bedroom so I can do my computer stuff while my wife works in her art studio on the ground level.



- Marc Netterfield, Github
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Here's hoping your body isn't so tall you bump your head up there when you stand.  Or that you don't have to hunch over / crouch when you're walking up in that loft.  Or that it gets too hot up there in the summer.

But kudo's to you for being on always-improving-the-home-environment mode!

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Nope, I'm 5'6" and the head room is a few inches above that. The idea wouldn't have been viable if my wife and I were taller people.
- Marc Netterfield, Github
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I aint got no time for that!




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The blue mood light means everything is calm. It'll turn red when I get stupid emails. Just'd be bright red all the time.

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We don't work from home so none of these answers really applies to us!

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This is my home base! I've been gaming on triple monitors for almost 10 years, so it was an easy transition and choice to make this my current WFH setup. I may never go back into the office.. 



When I moved home for COVID-19 remote working, I took my laptop & monitors, speakers & keyboard/mouse from work.  I dragged up a Scandinavian Designs desk from the basement that I'd received as a college graduation gift from my mother in the early 1980s and plopped it down where I'd previously kept a piano--right in the Great Room of my little red house in the Saginaw Woods.

Since the kitchen, dining room, and living room are all part of this same space, it's always clean & tidy; neither my wife nor I like living or working in a messy environment.

COVID-19 work area:  There's no place like home.COVID-19 work area: There's no place like home.

I might move it all back down to the basement, since we can get a week or two of warm weather here in northern Minnesota, on the tip of Lake Superior.  Downtown Duluth, where I used to office, is in the heart of "The Air Conditioned City", meaning Lake Superior cools the city off tremendously anytime there's an east wind.  But a west or south wind can bring several days of temps in the low 90's, and that's when I move into the basement at home.  I've no need for air conditioning except for that one or two weeks a year, and living in the basement automatically puts me in an environment that never gets above 67 F unless the basement fireplace is turned on.

It's simple.  Small.  Basic.  And there are no curtains or shades on any of the windows.  That's because we own the land for as far as you can see--no one can get close enough to look in on us, so who needs curtains?

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I just a small loft outside the bedroom by the stairs.


John Handberg
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Some places cameras just aren't allowed.

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Worked from home one day a week before COVID and it looked a little like this...


Working from home for the past 60 days has turned into this...


Moved into my creative space. Working from home is easy but trying to jam with the band has become more of the challenge!

Getting work done in that office, with musical instruments as easy distractions, would require some will power for me.

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I never thought I would miss a standing desk so much... but here we are. Day 65. On the couch. With my coworkers, the corgis. 🙃

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Corgi coworkers?  Excellent!


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I long for the solitude of my cube at the office. @mikegale @mrdrewhood  My pic was more than 3 mb so it is attached.

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This is my WFH desk set up in the corner of our bedroom. I have the laptop lid angled up just high enough to cut out the bed and all the other crap cluttered around it. Out of sight, out of mind! I also managed to score that sweet Dell 24" monitor (1900x1200!) from a neighbor who was cleaning out his basement.





My Lego room, became my WFH office.

Gives me something to do while those boring meetings are going on.





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My "work" office doubles as my home gym, guitar room, library and "home" office.  I don't keep a messy environment but I don't take extra precautions before meetings either.  There are times though, when I keep the camera off, but seeing the office isn't one of them.

@smttysmth02gt Is one of those reasons no pants? Be real one of those reasons is no pants.