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Community Manager
Community Manager

What would you like to see added in the THWACK Store?

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Level 13

Would be nice just to be able to buy anything...

Not allowed to since I live in sweden.... 😞

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Level 10

Facial Masks

Women's hoodies, polos, etc.

Games.  I really wanted that corn hole game but you ran out before I got enough points

Reversible umbrella,  Legos , Phone/tablet holder stands,  Retractable badge holders on a lanyard, ergonomic mouse, tablet keyboard

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Branded masks, what a cool idea. Now that really would put SW "In your face"

Fluke Link-Sprinters are super for tracing cables through miles of spaghetti.  We have a dozen of them and could use more.

Even the smallest one has the ability to discover link, speed/duplex, switch name, switchport, and more.

Depending on the model, it may not have a display that shows you the network connectivity info.  Models without LCD's will either have BlueTooth to connect to your smartphone and let you see that data there, or will use the copper connection to access the Internet and record the info there, for you to access via your Fluke account.

They're a pretty useful tool--enough so that we've bought a good number for our hospitals and distributed them to Break/Fix Technicians and Biomed staff across three states.  When the network patch cables in the racks are not well organized, or when they're VERY well organized and tightly managed with Velcro or other vertical or horizontal cable management, it can be challenging to physically trace a cable from patch panel to switch port.  But not when you have a Fluke Link-Sprinter!  Connect it, wait the half-minute or so for it to establish link, test POE, get an address from DHCP, discover the LLDP or CDP info from the switch, and then view its report via LCD or BlueTooth or Web site.

Level 12

Amazon Gift Card


Gift cards would be nice .. as they could easily be sent to other locations not covered by the Thwack Store. 

Expand the horizon of Thwack Store .. make it inclusive for all 🙂

Level 10

Hmmm... let's see:

  • a SolarWinds-branded wireless mouse
  • bring back USB drives?  I still use my 4 & 8 GB drives from the Thwack store. Perfect for Linux installs 🙂


Level 7

Hoodies and ball caps!

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Level 12

A wireless charger with the Thwack logo would look very nice on my desk. And a shirt larger than current offerings would look nice on me.



SolarWinds cycling jersey.  SolarWinds cycling water bottle.

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Would love to see that dice conversation come to fruition! 

Branded headphones, hats, and beanies would also be nice. The old Thammock? Let's bring that back, too! 

Please check out customized KeySmart! 

The popular items all seem to sell out almost instantly, so maybe a larger stock next time? Thanks again for the chance to give feedback and for providing such great swag to this community!

I have some exciting news coming up for you, my friend. Keep an eye out on the Store Update article soooooooon!! 

[Mashes refresh button on store and store blog post for 7 days straight.]

[Looks for carpal tunnel treatment in list of store offerings.] 


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i neeeed a baseball cap 

Level 7

Tall sizes for the shirts would be great! 

Level 8

Amazon Gift cards, 10,000 points for $10 gift card or $100 would be better

Gift Cards i.e amazon or visa.

Mini Fridge

Level 10

I'd say Visa or Amazon gift cards would be nice to have!

Level 9

I voted tech gadgets but also wanted to pick dice.

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Does the SCP voucher expire ?

Yes, the SCP voucher expires 6 months from date of purchase.