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Community Manager
Community Manager

What out-of-the-box API monitoring would you like to see next in Server & Application Monitor (SAM)?

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Being able to poll published app usage, and as much data from Director as possible, would be extremely valuable. We can use API monitoring for a lot of this, but some of it is either not exposed to the API, or not available. 


- Jez Marsh
Level 9

we are waiting for solarwinds to be able to request and store an access token as the device we need to monitor requires a new token to be generated every 24 hours.

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Level 11

Is DWAN another name for SD-WAN?
If so I submitted a feature request called "SD_WAN Jupiper and Palo Alto" which I have just noticed had gone into the Fun and Geeky section(?!?) 


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Well, to be fair, it WOULD be both fun AND geeky. (?) 😄