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What do you get if you cross SolarWinds Engineer with The Eagles?

Here is a fun-gig I recorded yesterday for my coworkers.

It is a song that I wrote, which is based on a true facts - when all of a sudden remote working kicked it, setting our VPN on fire

YouTube's AI has blocked this video in some areas - how crazy is that, just because I have played well know melody?! 


Enjoy, Kudos and check out my Thwack home page here

With Gratitude, 
Alex Soul


Below is full lyrics:

SPOG = Single Pane Of Glass

CSS = Internal Team that has 24/7 NOC as one of its function (don't remember what CSS here stands for to be honest lol)

MI = Major Incident



Verse 1

On a big LCD screen
SPOG view at my face
Big blobs of the TOP apps
And alerts bunch to chaise

Few scrolls and below there
I saw a critical speck
My heart rate jumped-and I felt chilling sweat
I had to stop to inspect

Verse 2

There it was in the SAM App
With severity High
... and I was thinking to myself
This could be false or this could be MI

Then I pick up a headset
Called CSS via Skype
There-were kids voiced in the home-based NOC
Destroying my stereotype

Chorus 1

Welcome to the world post COVID-19
Such a different place (such a different place)
Such a working space
Plenty of kids, dogs and pets all around your work screen
Any time of year,
You can now find them here

Verse 3

Her mind was sharp and her voice firm
She had no sign of distress
She got a pair of pretty earrings
And she wore evening dress

She didn't dance in the courtyard
She just sat as a Queen
Some moves to remember
Some yet to be seen

Verse 4

I was shocked, so I asked her:
"Why such outfit at home?" (and she said)
You won't believe, but I just realized
I have a beauty syndrome"

And still those voices are calling in mic from her home
Shaking up and refocusing thoughts
Back... to my Google Chrome

Chorus 2

Welcome to the Monitoring Worldwide
Such a lovely place (such an awesome space)
Such a rapid pace
We checking it all, round-the-clock, it's such a joy ride
So that in times like these, you all can sleep in peace.

Verse 5

SolarWinds in-a screenshare,
We dig in to inspect (and she said)
... I see there might be something wrong
With our Global Protect

ISP links upgraded,
User bandwidth increased
Reporting scheduled every single day
Yes, we did killed that beast

Verse 6

Last thing I remember,
It was... my overtime
When I glanced at the dashboard screen
And there was no downtime

"Relax" inner voice said...
"Our SPOG is all gr-e-e-e-n,
You can access it any time you like
Even post COVID-19"


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I wrote lyrics to the same melody years ago, targeting my favorite boat manufacturer, Crestliner.  They even posted it on their web site for a year, and I enjoyed a little minor fame & notoriety for a time.

It's fun, and I'm happy to see someone else doing the same kind of thing.

Swift packets!


Rick Schroeder