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Level 13

Today is Ask a Stupid Question Day

What is the dumbest question a user ever asked you?

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Level 10

I use two monitors and a person asks if I have two computers running side by side.

Level 17

Asked after I sent out a company wide broadcast then walked out of the server room:

"Hey, did you really send an email from in there"?

Answer: "Yes, it's amazing what you can do with a laptop and a wireless connection huh."

Level 9

"I'm calling to report my cup holder is broken" when referring to the DVD-R tray on the desktop PC

Level 8

Received an email one day asking: "hey is email down?"

....and we have a winner!! LOL!

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"So you're telling me I can't send an email to my team because the email server is down?"

Level 9

I just closed my web browser, reopened it and went to our SolarWinds NPM page and it took me right in.  Why didn't I have to log back in? (Did you actually log out?  No?  That's why....)

Level 8

"Are you left-handed?"... after watching me sign my name with my left hand.

Not asked by a user, but it's the best I've got.

Those are always fun... or when I happen to be holding something with both hands and someone is steadily trying to give me a package or tool.

Level 12

Will you fix my home computer ?

Do family and friends count towards this request?


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Community Manager
Community Manager

I can't play this game...

It's okay if you have been, 'The User'   .. we don't hate

Who asked it? Is it someone we know?

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DanielleH, That's what doppelganger accounts are for!

Hit a l'il too close to home, huh? J/K - love ya.

Level 9

What is the dumbest question a user ever asked you?

well...What is the dumbest question a user ever asked you?


Level 8

How do you make a capital letter?

All the letter's on my keyboard are CAPITAL.. how do you make a lowercase letter?

Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow