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Level 9

Ticketing Systems Integration

Hi All,

So, Solarwinds have made a step to integrate ServiceNow with Orion. But my question is, has anyone had any success integrating it with any other tools?

I am currently using Cherwell and the way we have it set up is:

Orion Generates an Alert > Sends it to dedicated mailbox > Cherwell picks up the email and logs it based on Keywords and assigns it to the relevant team.

This is great, until you have a flapping link and it creates multiple calls.


Its also really annoying that the HTML comes through in its raw format and not what the email has displayed.

I've been putting up with this for some time, but after attending #swug London and listening to Dez​ and KMSigma​'s inspirational speech about making the impossible possible I thought I'd revisit this once again.

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We decided to use Solarwinds WHD so we cold forgo integration issues, however it worked pretty well with OTRS as well, depending on your definition of well, and integration.

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Level 13

We are doing something similar with BMC Remedy On Demand.  The Remedy team doesn't like having to rely on email as a middleman though.  What happens if Exchange is a problem?  What if it holds an email instead of delivering it right away?  We have already seen issues in the test environment with this, coming in after a weekend and seeing several Remedy tickets generated days late where they should have been generated the Friday before.

Direct integration like SolarWinds has done with ServiceNow would be better.  Or something like acmtix suggested as a stop-gap.

John Handberg
Level 9

It would be awesome if you could do some kind of SQL wizardry to do something like:

Router1 goes down

Email generates and gets logged and its object in CMDB is listed in the call.

Issue occurs again and email is sent. Ticketing system picks up the email but sees that a call is logged for that CMDB object already with the same customer name and call status is New, WIP, pending etc and just updates the call. and if the call is found to be Resolved or Closed, then a new call is raised.

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We are in the process of doing this right now with e-service desk. I've done it in the past using an ODBC connector taking event information from the Orion SQL database pulling out the relevant fields directly into a bespoke help desk system.

They want to do the same here having an e-mail generated via standardized alerting that then is read by e-service desk from its mailbox. I'd prefer to go down the ODBC route to avoid the "flappy link" issue you pointed out above to be able to map fields more efficiently and control my alerts separately without having it affect our helpdesk if I choose to structure an alert differently.

I like service now and have used it as a help desk solution a few times but havent integrated it yet with Solarwinds.

Level 17

we are using ManageEngine.

We send emails (html formatted) and have business rules set up to assign to group.  use Custom property at top of body with sepecial characters "##" to do facilitate Dept: assignment part.

The multiple alerts/emails can be an issue...

I try to manage that via the alerts in Orion by being careful with reset criteria...sometimes condition includes "Condition must exist for more than xx min"

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