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Level 14

Thwack "upgrade" is TERRIBLE

  Wow.  Was there any announcement that Thwack was going to be altered like this?  Let's begin:

1)  Now when I go into a forum, I can see all of about 8 discussions because now, I see part of the body of each discussion, instead of just the topics. I've gone through my Preferences but I don't see where this is set (and why should I have to waste time trying to put things back anyway??)

2)  Search is far, far worse. Now it defaults to searching Content, instead of the Forums, and when I select Forums to search it tells me there are no results when I know that there are.

3)  In the previous version, there was a check box icon in the upper left that showed me when I had updated threads or messages. Now that's gone and I have no idea if I have anything of the sort.

This is only within the first 20 minutes of using the new site. Now I have to spend another hour trying to figure it out. Solarwinds is supposed to be (I thought) about SAVING time.

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Level 14

We walked through these issues over here, folks. Please have a look and see.

When we come back to our regularly scheduled programming

Feel free to keep the feedback coming there. The search issue is one we are dealing with at the platform level. It looks like a reindex of the content database is needed.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi ttl,

Were all of your concerns addressed here? When we come back to our regularly scheduled programming

Please let me know and I'll try to answer any outstanding questions.

Thank you,


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I believe so, thanks to Michael Torok for the prompt response!

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