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Level 13

THWACK Store Product Reviews

I'm creating this post to have a central location for THWACK store merchandise ratings/reviews.  Keep in mind that the merchandise in the THWACK store is in a sense "free" and is an awesome gesture by SolarWinds towards its most dedicated customers (albeit with free advertisement).

That being said, I would like to be sure that the items that I'm using my hard earned THWACK points for is what I'm hoping it will be and perhaps SolarWinds can use the feedback to determine future THWACK Store additions/changes.

Please provide details about the product and if possible personal pictures or videos of the product. Try to give informative information about the products, not just "This shirt sucks".  Maybe more like "I was not satisfied with this shirt as I selected a Large but, it's much smaller than other Larges."

If you think this rating concept is a good idea, I encourage you to vote for

Friendly reminder that the most up to date information on THWACK Store items can be found here: THWACK Store Items & FAQ - Updated March 9, 2017

Tagging some folks that may like this post and/or may want to contribute:


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Level 10

I really like this idea and would strongly support it. I agree if we are going to do this we need to give a good explanation of the items.