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THWACK Store Product Reviews

I'm creating this post to have a central location for THWACK store merchandise ratings/reviews.  Keep in mind that the merchandise in the THWACK store is in a sense "free" and is an awesome gesture by SolarWinds towards its most dedicated customers (albeit with free advertisement).

That being said, I would like to be sure that the items that I'm using my hard earned THWACK points for is what I'm hoping it will be and perhaps SolarWinds can use the feedback to determine future THWACK Store additions/changes.

Please provide details about the product and if possible personal pictures or videos of the product. Try to give informative information about the products, not just "This shirt sucks".  Maybe more like "I was not satisfied with this shirt as I selected a Large but, it's much smaller than other Larges."

If you think this rating concept is a good idea, I encourage you to vote for

Friendly reminder that the most up to date information on THWACK Store items can be found here: THWACK Store Items & FAQ - Updated March 9, 2017

Tagging some folks that may like this post and/or may want to contribute:


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The Thwack Nerf guns have been a hit with my team over the years.  But they're no longer available, I see.

My son's a huge fan of the Raspberry Pi I got from Thwack, but it was an MVP bit o' swag, not available for Thwack store purchase.

My wife & friends like all the different Thwack socks I've given them.  I'd say this product line receives ten toes up!

I have many of the Thwack T-Shirts.  All fit, but the ones with the vinyl-like decals / graphics tend to have "graphic failure" after a few trips through the washing machine and dryer.  They quickly become items I won't wear in public, but are fine for working projects in the garden or anywhere I expect to get dirty or risk tearing clothing (e.g.:  painting, chainsawing, working under the car changing oil, etc.).

I had an early Thwack zip-up hoodie sweatshirt that was excellent.  Soft, warm, durable, AND it fit my wider chest and arms well.  More recent version have obviously been targeting people more physically slender and fit than me, and they just plain don't fit my arms or chest--they're too tight.  Definitely check out the sizing on any sweaters or jackets you may order to ensure they will fit your body.

The Bluetooth speaker is a hit with my college-aged daughter, but the mini-USB port on it is weakly soldered to its motherboard, and soon pushed right off the board as she inserted the mini-USB cable for the Nth time.  It's too small to repair without micro-soldering gear.  I got her a second one because she liked it so well; she promised to treat the new one more gently.  Be forewarned.

Some years back there was a Thwack Flask shaped like an Erlenmeyer Flask.  It came with a straw, and was obviously for drinking water or soft drinks.  It arrived in a perfectly packed external package, and inside it was in an undamaged plastic bag.  But the flask itself was severely damaged by heat and was unusable.  Someone obviously put a faulty product into the bag & boxed it & shipped it out.  Very poor quality control--it was melted, had a couple of big holes in it, and was quite misshapen.  I reached out to Thwack Store support and they immediately refunded me the points I'd spent on the Flask and apologized for the bad experience.  Good old Thwack!  I'm happy to see that product has been removed from the Store.

How did you get a refund, I messaged about my Holey Hammer and have received no reply

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From the Thwack Store page, click on the hotlink for "Having an issue with an order?"


E-mail the details to  They'll get you sorted out.

You can also go here:  and then click on the link for "Having issues with an order?"


And if worse came to worse, I see KMSigma​ last updated the Thwack Store info page last May; he might also be a resource.

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Level 9

Short review on the Thwack Jacket - XL Size - lovely Jacket however I found the Size to small.


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I think its a good idea to provide a place for honest feedback on the quality and or size of and fit of the items in the THWACK store.   This could help others not waste those hard earned Thwack points on items they might feel they got the shaft on. 

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So ...  I am itching to get something from the store!   Any review of the Bluetooth Speaker??   Looks really cool ... what are the dimensions????

Anyone have this yet??? 

I do. Nice little Bluetooth speaker. Here are the details: Origaudio: Boxanne Bluetooth Speaker

Does it run on batteries?  or a rechargeable battery?


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It has an internal rechargeable battery that lasts about 5 hours on a charge.  It charges via micro-USB.

See here for a video review:

Boxanne Product Video - YouTube

Very cool, thanks josh.haberman - you sealed the deal!!!    The reviews were very positive, which adds even more value!!! NICE!

Does it run on batteries?  or a rechargeable battery?

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Level 8

I have visions of when I can unveil this and use to forget all of my problems.  However, it is a cold, dark season now, and it remains contained, seeking warmth within itself.  Visions of spring birds in the air and warm, calming breezes.  The THWAMMOCK!

Is there a weight limit listed for the Thwammock?  what do you think of the quality?

I think it said 300 lbs but i am not sure if i trust it with my 240 lbs frame.   It seems OK but if I were hanging from a tree 12 feet in the air, i might go with something else.

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brett.holzhauer​:  Is the "one Thwack backpack per member" policy still in place?  I'd love to get a second one (or a third and fourth as gifts!).

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rschroeder Nope, order away!

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Score!  Thanks!

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Sorry for the delay everyone! The jackets will be restocked in the next 10-14 days.

That's for the zip-up jackets or the hoodies? Thanks!

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Level 11


I've been waiting a while for the light zip up hoodie to pop back up in my size. Is it going away for good??

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