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SolarWinds Premier Support?

SolarWinds Premier Support caught my eye in the Success Center: Success Center

Does anyone have any real experience with this solution?

The former helpdesk part of me cringes at the concept of premier support (If you're "normal" helpdesk isn't good enough, then there's a bigger problem there).

The current engineer me is saying that being able to get to more advanced support for issues I know aren't typical issues would be a huge benefit.


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Premier Support will be available starting October 1st 2019. Call your rep to get a quote on pricing.

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Level 13

huh, I didn’t realise this was an offering, the support offering from SolarWinds is (quite) smooth, especially with a system down.

On the other hand, I would actually find this useful if the setup is complex having a bunch of pollers, multiple web servers, bunch of H/A deployments throw in a DPA maybe a EOC/NTA and a few other modules, maybe it fits better with Large / Extra Large intresting..