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SCOM Connector

Good morning Thwack community.

Looking to build Solarwinds reports using Windows/Active Directory counters other than the basic CPU/Memory counters collected via SNMP.

However, working in a contstrained configuration environment where we really can't add the Solarwinds agent to our Windows servers.

We have the SCOM agent (Microsoft System Center Operations Manager) on servers and collecting lots of performance counters from these boxes.

Simply put, Solarwinds offers a much better dev environment to create reports and consoles than SCOM.

It is understood that the Solarwinds agent has very small resource footprint on servers. We cannot deploy the Solarwinds agent at this time (politics).

I can't deploy the Solarwinds agent but I do have access to the SCOM Operational and Data Warehouse DBs.  So, would like to get that data out of SCOM.

I know that Solarwinds does not publish a SCOM connector - I think at the end of the day I have to suck it up and write that connector myself.

Can anyone offer guidance / help / articles on best way to pull data from an external database into Solarwinds?

Thanks much for any assistance.

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