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We have a concern about reading historical traffic on a managed interface, SNMP reads the interface traffic data every two minutes but any event happens between SNMP reads are not stored in the next SNMP read, so we are not to able to monitor if the traffic reached our threshold and got back unless it stays till the next SNMP read, is there any way to monitor this other than reducing the SNMP reads time?!



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You can use the Perfstack 2.0 for real time monitoring. you have up to 10 selections. So best used for TS or Critical interfaces.

check out this post for more details : PerfStack 2.0 - Real-Time Polling

SNMP does store bits in/out as a constantly incrementing counter so if you had a big enough burst of traffic you would see it on a bytes sent/received chart, but obviously this wouldn't have super granular visibility into very brief spikes, just shows a sort of average between polls.  That's about as good as SNMP would give you for peak utilization, 

Getting into more exotic tricks you could maybe configure RMON to monitor your bps at a higher frequency than your orion polling and then have it send out a trap when traffic breaches your thresholds.

Catalyst 3750 Switch Software Configuration Guide, 12.2(52)SE - Configuring RMON [Cisco Catalyst 375...

- Marc Netterfield, Github