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Palo Alto backup using NCM

I am trying to use NCM as a secondary backup for Palo Alto devices.  Currently I have the device set to log in via ssh2 and transfer config using SCP.  The test completes fine but when the NCM job runs, I am getting an error, (Error Downloading Config to SCP Host:).  Any one else seeing this or having success backing up config from Palo devices?  I would love to get this working.  NCM version 7.9

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Transfer the config using ssh2 not scp :


Thanks zennifer
It being a F/W I of course set to SSH for login and request, but left as SCP, and ended up with the same issue as cstimpert

Changing the transfer from SCP to SSH2 fixed it.


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I don't have access to our PA's so I don't know if the issue is on that side.   All of the Orion tests are successful (connection profile works), but are you using Device State,running or startup config for the backup job?  I am running 2020.2.

As a test, I have selected all three options, and I get three different results:

  ERROR: Running config: Transfer failure due to timeout waiting for success or failure prompt

ERROR: Startup config: Error Downloading Config to SCP Host:

 ERROR: Device State config: Config not found on SCP/TFTP

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