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Order of Operations


We are in the process of preparing for deployment to our environment. We are creating a workflow diagram that details the order in which we will complete the necessary steps for deployment. My question is: can we create our alerts, dynamic groups, custom views and menu bars before we actually discover any devices? After watching some of the training videos, I don't see why this cannot be done, but I was hoping for some feedback before proceeding.


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Yes you can do all those things before you load any nodes into monitoring, but unless you have a ton of hands on experience with the product I suspect it would be incredibly difficult to know exactly how you want everything to be before hand.  I build out new environments and set up alerts/dashboards/groups all day for the last 3 years so I can generally get things in shape with no actual node data but, to put it simply, I would not expect anyone who has to ask the question to have enough knowledge ahead of time to do so successfully.

- Marc Netterfield, Github

I recommend using our getting started guide that goes in the order we recommend to implement. We also offer classes you can take in our SolarWinds academy.

Okay, that makes a lot of sense. It sounds like it would be easier to do it the other way around. Thanks for the reply!

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