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Ooh forum upgrade!!

looks good what do people think?

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Level 13

thegreateebzies​, forgive me if I missed it. I searched and couldn't find any. Is there an official THWACK posting concerning the theme change?

Hello Josh! I don't believe one went out, short of some hints we've been dropping the last couple of months. I spent the last week in Southeastern Texas, helping with Hurricane Harvey rescue operations. I'm catching back up on email right now to see all the internal update son how the rollout went.

That's awesome! Keep at it. That's much more important than answering people whining about the colors on a website

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I like it, looks fresh. Just one issue though. On the old one I'd log on to Thwack, hit the SolarWinds Icon, then the Customer Portal Icon and I'd be straight into my customer account, but I can't see a SolarWinds icon at the top of the Thwack screen anymore. The only one I've found is right at the bottom of the page. It would be more convenient & save me some scrolling or keying if there was a link directly to at the top of the page.

Hey Robert! We placed a SolarWinds link at the bottom of the page for you. Should make life a little easier. 🙂

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Looks cool, especially menu - now like Orion Platfrom ...  but I think it is too much space wasted on top for logo .... and remaining white space on top has no value


The new theme is really nice, the team has put a lot of hard work in to it.   There is also a discussion on a dark Theme that has been going for a while.  I encourage you to go Vote if you haven't.

Level 10

needs more cowbell

I agree with josh.haberman​​ here. A little too bright for my taste. Darker themes go more easy on the eyes. And for people like me who spend the day camped out on Thwack, bright screens tend to be painful after a while.

However, a nice upgrade...!!

Level 15

I too just sparked but the  link and noticed the changes.  I definitely approve!!

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Level 13

Just noticed this too.  I think it is a nice upgrade from the previous look but, personally I prefer dark or black themes. A little easier on the eyes in my opinion.

Yeah I have just got the windows 10 creators update and gone all dark. Would  be good if you could toggle dark mode on.

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