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New Forums - Know What's Terrible?

The migrated forums are causing all the old content to show up in the RSS feeds as "new".  It's amazing to see how many unanswered questions there still are - threads that started in 2009 or 2010 - yet I click over from my reader because the questions and issues brought up way back then are STILL VALID.

The replies that upset me the most, though, are the ones that say "I'll contact you offline for a resolution" and then end. right. there.

So much for a vibrant community with a free-slow of information...  it's too bad, really, because this site is one of my favorites to check in on regularly, and while I may pick up that gem of a tip every now and then, it just seems like more disappointment lately.

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I will be forwarding this thread to our PMs. I understand the frustration of finding a thread that ends this way. At times, I know information which cannot be public is requested from the customer to continue the conversation. I know that does not excuse coming back to a thread with an answer, just wanted to throw an explanation out there that I know does exist.

Thank you for you comments and we will look to improve, as always.


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