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Network High discards report

Hi Team,

I configured network high discards (tx/rx) report and sends an email immediately. but i'm looking to generate a over all report and sends email may be hourly or daily basis. Can someone point me how to perform this.

I found an article not sure if i can tweak this interface report to achieve my requirement.



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Yes, use the Dynamic Query Builder - it may seem a bit intimidating at first, but it really is pretty easy to use once you get used to it. Just select a common element of the devices Like are they all the same brand, model, type of device, etc. Below is an example where I build a list for all Servers. That will give you a list of every one. If you only want select ones you could user the OR option in the Where selection and use for example Node name is: switchA or switchB or switchC. etc.

You can even build a custom property and select by that. For example you could build a custom property for each item Office Location. Then you could build a report that would give you all the switches at location 1 only. Or locations, 1 and 5. Very flexible.


Thanks Richards, I have one more question , I have configured email alerts for node status, if 10 nodes goes down in particular time i get 10 individual alerts for each device. Is there any way to get one single alert with the names of all 10 nodes that are down at that moment?

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To my knowledge not directly.they do offer Alert Central that can handle that. You send the alerts to Alert Central and have it do the processing and actual emails and such.

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Is the report giving you what you need?  If so you can set a schedule and add the times where you want it to kick off. Unless you have the email monitored 24x7 you can select specific time where you would actually be monitoring. Once you get to schedule and select the frequency, you'll see the below. Just select the specific times you want to see the report.


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Thanks for your prompt response.Yes report is giving what is required, but currently i configured network discards for individual device. Can i schedule this for all the devices in a single report.

For example if i'm getting 10 alerts for 10 devices in a minutes, can i group them all within hour and schedule the email to send at every one hour.

Thanks in Advance

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