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Issues with Orion 2019.4 HF4

Hi All,

After having the 4th Hotfix of Orion Platform and 7th Hotfix for NAM bundled package we are still facing issues. Below is on case for which we are following up with the vendor -

We have NAM 5000, that means we can monitor maximum 5000 nodes.

We have already on-boarded 4400 nodes with mix polling method like - ICMP, SNMP.

We have created per polling engine basis discovery profiles will all the IPs wrt to the poller type, and running discoveries every 12 hours to keep checking if any device starts responding to SNMP and if new interfaces are found.

Unfortunately this is not working and we never see imported results back in Solarwinds (except running first time for a fresh node). Everytime we get an error (unable to import nodes due to license issues etc etc). And discovery profile are always in "Ready to Import" status.


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Product Manager
Product Manager

The message you are seeing is intended to let you know that the amount of 'things' that would be automatically imported would exceed your license limit. If that's not true for any reason, then I would recommend opening a case with support so they can determine why you are receiving this error.

Yes we did open a support case and as per the support engineer there are deadlocks happening within the database due to which discovery import could not be succeeded. We are working with the Database team and will let you know further.

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Any updates here? Imports of nodes discovered through my python script are now alerting that they failed, but they are actually imported. The database field of "discovered nodes -- imported on" is also not updated. This happened when i upgraded to 2019.4, although on my dev 2019.4 system it still works like it used to.

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Also seeing this on 2019.4 HF5

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