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Issues adding Thwack RSS feeds to Outlook?

I've been trying to add RSS feeds for various Thwack forums/content (SAM templates for example) to Outlook but always get an error "problem connecting to server"

Anyone currently have this working?

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Hi Damien Solodow, I apologize it has been a while since I responded, but I assure you I've been attempting to address this issue. After quite a bit of investigating with our own environment and then with our hosted vendor, it appears the issue could be related to your Windows profile. You can attempt to validate or verify that your profile is what is causing this issue by creating a new local window user account; then login as that user and try to add the RSS feed into your outlook. If you are successful, then you know there is a problem with your original windows user profile.

We had some internal folks here at SolarWinds that had a very similar experience as you, and this addressed their issue. I'd be curious if this helps or not, so feel free to post back if you decide to try this out.



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Hi damien.solodow; you are correct this RSS feed is broken. We are going to get this resolved, and I will send an update as soon as you are able to access the RSS feed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

damien.solodow - can you tell me which version of Outlook you're on? Thanks!

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2013 SP1.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey damien.solodow - We're looking into this.  Will hopefully have an update for you soon.