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Level 13

Is it just me, or did we break the leaderboard again?

So yesterday, I noticed that points weren't showing up on the leaderboard, and this morning, same thing.

Boy, we hammer that don't we?

So, is it just me, or does everyone not see the leaderboard?

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It seems to be working OK for me now:  1/28/2017, 6 p.m. Central Time, USA.

Thanks DanielleH​! This is a true story. I have confirmed some dramatic leaderboard misbehavior and have sent it to the principal's office.

I know the world of THWACK has been incredibly patient with us while we're trying to get these things fixed, so I'm not going to tiptoe around with any fancy talk. We are so highly escalated with our vendor, their executive team might as well rent some sleeping space on a pile of inflated THWACK Hammers in our swag closet. We've scaled our gamification platform immensely over the past few years to provide a unique and exciting experience for everyone out there in the THWACK world. Unfortunately, (and nobody understands better than the network professionals in this community) there are sometimes pain points affiliated with scalability. I feel a heartfelt compassion for our partner on this one, as each item they fix identifies another loose screw and squeaky hinge. We will get back to optimal performance, and we will do it very soon. I have faith in our partner and their ability to smooth things out. DanielleH​, wabbott​, lindsey.serrano​, and I are out there advocating for you every day.

Until the sun rises on an accurate leader board, a huge hug to the community and immense gratitude for your patience while we're working through this.

THWACK on and prosper.

It seems to be working great for me now leaderboard vs total at the top right, however I've noticed another discrepancy when you mouse over a name on the leaderboard.

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Thanks thegreateebzies​ we appreciate the open and honest reply.

Community Manager
Community Manager

thegreateebzies​ has been on this since Wednesday with our vendor... We don't have a time to resolution yet but know that we are on top of it!

Yeah i am seeing the leaderboard not giving anything as of right now other than the top ten.  wabbott​, DanielleH​, Any ideas?

Level 13


10 Geek points for the HTML error data. 

Looks like a job for NetPath!


PS There is no such thing as geek points....yet.

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It's a good thing there are not Geek Points--unless they were part of a different Leader Board.  I'd be so far behind guys like you & Eric & Adatole . . .

But it would be FUN to have a Geek Point board!  Would they be awarded by Thwack members in the public--maybe you'd need to get a certain number of Thwack "Likes" to generate a Geek Point?