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I am sorry ... I am back!

My Dear Friends, 

It has been insanely long since I have been very active on this forum. I do remember all that exhilarating feeling and experience of interacting with like minded fellows on this forum, but work has dragged me away from here for pretty long. It has been very very busy over the past few years. The good thing is - I never lost focus and was continuously working on making SolarWinds the best **bleep** tool in the companies I have served and I have accumulated vast amount of fresh experience to share. On the other hand however - I have to confess though - my last post was published here over 2 years ago and I feel that I am letting you all down. 

Now, I am getting myself back! I am committing to post regularly and to share experience! I will be answering questions and helping other fellow engineers to get the most out of this platform. I really feel it is selfish to know something great, something awesome, something ridiculously amazing and keep it to yourself. That's why I feel I owe you ... 

I just felt I had to say this...

I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you!

With Gratitude, 
Alex Soul

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Welcome back, we missed you and your fabulous posts as well. Hope to see you more on the slack Channel as well.

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Good to have you back in the mix, you gotta get into the MVP slack channel more, that's where the action is.
- Marc Netterfield, Github

Welcome home Alex

I do know the feeling. I had a series of health issues & have been pretty much just keeping my head above water for over a year. Getting back into the swing now, but it is hard. Looking forward to catching up with everyone - yiou included 🙂

Most Welcome Sir.

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WB - I knew we was missing something.....  Soul  😄

Welcome Back!!

Welcome back sir! There's been a lot happening on THWACK, we're happy to have you back as a part of it!