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Level 12

How i can convert ICMP nodes with SNMPv3 using sdk powershell ??

How I can update the SNMPv3 details to node properties and Orion settings for the existing ICMP using SDK powershell ??
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Level 13

Your code will look something like this:

if (!(Get-PSSnapin | where {$_.Name -eq "SwisSnapin"})) {
Add-PSSnapin "SwisSnapin"

$server=<IP or FQDN of your Solarwinds server>
$credential = Get-Credential
$SWIS= Connect-Swis -Credential $credential -Hostname $server

$IP = <IP of the node you want to change>
$swisQuery = "SELECT URI from Orion.Nodes where IP = \@p"
$targetNodeURI = Get-SwisData $SWIS $swisQuery @{p=$IP}

$targetNodeProps["SNMPVersion"]=<Your node's SNMP version>
$targetNodeProps["Community"]=<Your node's SNMP read community string>

Set-SwisObject $SWIS -Uri "$targetNodeURI" -Properties $targetNodeProps
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$targetNodeProps["Community"]=<Your node's SNMP read community string>

SNMPv3 does not have community string
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Where I can pass the Authentication and encryption key for SNMPv3 ?

Or can I pass the SNMPv3 credential ID to this ICMP node ?
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