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How does one find oneself?

How does one find oneself? I know. Somewhat of an esoterical question. Some people find meaning in their job, having a job they love, which give them self-actualization and expression. Some people find meaning in their home-life, raising kids they feel will be good additions and high contributors to society. Some people just ponder. I ponder this sentiment, "The Meaning of Life is to put meaning into life." 

But, that's not what I am asking. I'm asking about the mundane and self-serving task of finding where one stands in the queue of Top Kudoed Authors, which @rschroeder stans at the top of. I know... kind of a let down after the opening paragraph to this question... isn't it. I went to my profile and saw I have received 440 kudos. I clicked "Show All' at the bottom of the Leaderboard, and then clicked to the page where 440 would have been. 440 would have been on Page 6, between @mdriskell with 435 and @chad.every with 443. But there is no 440. So, I wonder to myself, and now to you via this post, if the Leaderboard counts kudos, why does one's Kudos Received not match their Kudo "score"? And for that matter, since there are 572 pages on the Leaderboard, how does one find oneself on the leaderboard?

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That's a very good question and one that I need to do a little research on.. I found myself with my kudos but that means nothing as I have godlike powers (here on THWACK).


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@yumdarling, any further insight into this question? Thanks, 

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That's a good question--one to which I don't have an answer.  But I bet @yumdarling or @DanielleH can answer it!

Going back to the more esoteric and philosophical/spiritual thread, one can find meaning in defining what makes their life happy or fulfilled.  For me, I went back to a James Taylor song where he sang "The secret to life is enjoying the passing of time.  Any fool can do it."

That leads one to introspection:  "What makes me happy?"  Find it, and do that!  But first do a great analysis of what really DOES make you happy, since you could devote your existence to Hedonism, while never actually achieving it without defining successfully reaching that state.

Peer recognition and appreciation?  The warm inside satisfaction that comes from altruism?  Maybe finding love, as Robert Heinlein defined it:  "Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own."  

Define what makes you happy and strive to increase that, while decreasing conditions that bring less happiness.  And don't wander aimlessly down the path of meaningless happiness (addiction to alcohol or other drugs, S&M, or worse).  Make your partner proud of you, do things that your peers or kids or neighbors or parents really appreciate.  

The warm satisfaction of a job well done becomes achievable when you define achieving it as a source of happiness.  You might discover it beats money & possessions.

Or, it might be as simple as making a new friend and sharing time with them.



So how does one find their own "self" in Thwack, based on ranked Kudo's?  That answer lies with the Thwack Admins.

By answering 9,000 questions and taking the top spot.... Ugh there must be an easier way 🙂
- Marc Netterfield, Github